Plumbing tips to consider when remodeling your kitchen

One of the most common rooms in the house homeowner consider remodeling is the kitchen. This special place is also called the hub of the home. After all, it unites the whole family.

When starting a kitchen remodeling project, it’s easy to create an endless list of things to remodel. Our advice would be to start with plumbing.

Assuming you have made this decision already and looking for plumbing tips, consider these:

Consider the layout

If you are planning on extensive kitchen renovation such as expanding the space, you would have to make changes to the existing layout. This means you will be upgrading a lot of utilities. A professional from Wrestore should be able to identify the necessary plumbing changes.

Stick to the existing plumbing

Not every homeowner has the budget to expand the kitchen space. If that’s you and don’t have any plans to alter the layout, don’t change the existing plumbing. This would save a lot of labour costs. It will also save you from potential plumbing headaches.

Know the measures of your kitchen

Whether it’s kitchen remodeling or any other room, always know the measurements of the room. Once you have the right measurements, you won’t make mistakes such as purchasing a large refrigerator that doesn’t fit the kitchen doorway.

Write down the measurements of the doorway, walkways, and counters.

Make it functional

Many homeowners focus on beautifying the kitchen and forget about functionality. The kitchen is the busiest room of the house. It must be easy to navigate and app essentials must be situated keeping efficiency in mind. For instance, have pull out shelves or drawers installed in your bottom cabinets.

Choose the sink at the beginning of the project

The sink should always be the first thing to handle when it comes to kitchen remodeling. If you plan to upgrade the sink and get a large one, put a lot of thought into it.

Choosing the sink matters because it affects:

  • The layout and dimensions of the kitchen
  • Might require replacing the kitchen bench
  • How the plumbing should be laid out

Choosing the wrong sink can cause a lot of trouble. Plumbing experts at Wrestore would advise you to make this decision early on since it affects the rest of the renovation. Our plumbers can also help you choose the right sink based on the existing piping to minimize the work required just to fit the sink in.

Check for corrosion

The plumbing system is hidden behind the walls and beneath the floor. Consider this remodeling project an opportunity to have the pipes inspected for corrosion. Don’t worry, the plumber won’t have to crack open anything. Video pipe inspection will help them detect the areas of corrosion.

Before starting the remodeling work, it’s best to ensure the pipes are in good shape. The problem with corrosion is, once the pipes start rusting, it’s hard to stop it from spreading. Catching the rust in time will keep you from replacing all plumbing, which can be highly costly.

To move or reroute the pipes

Most of the time, the goal of kitchen remodeling is to make better use of the space. This might mean having to move some plumbing around for accommodating the new design of the room. If that’s so, it might be mandatory to upgrade the plumbing so that the plumbing matches anything new being installed.

If part of your kitchen remodeling also involves flooring, you will have to reroute the plumbing pipes under the home’s foundation. The reason we recommend that is because slab leaks are common in older plumbing. Such leaks can do a lot of damage. By rerouting the plumbing, you would be preventing that.

Consider the flooring

You can’t install new flooring under fixed appliances like the fridge or dishwasher. This can lead to all sorts of problems when you are getting these appliances out.

We suggest making the new flooring go all the way under the appliances as well. Let’s say in the future, you want to replace the dishwasher, removing it won’t be a problem.

Upgrade your fixtures and appliances

When remodeling the kitchen, most homeowners pay attention to the sink, taps, and consider signing up for plumbing services. Hardly do they think about upgrading their fixtures and appliances. It’s equally important if you would like to make your kitchen more functional and high-end.

For instance, consider replacing an old dishwasher or install garbage disposal inside the sink.

Choosing the right plumber for the job

It’s hard to be successful in your kitchen plumbing expedition without choosing the right plumber.  These professionals can make or break the success of the remodeling project. That’s why we have brought to you some tips on choosing the right person for this job.

Check the credentials

It’s no brainer you must work with a licensed plumber. It is the state’s requirement for a plumber to have a license and it must be valid.

A simple way is to examine the website of the plumbing company to see if they are licensed. If you can’t find anything, call them up and ask about their license. A professional company shouldn’t hesitate in showing its credentials.

Even if you are planning to hire a cheap plumber, you should never work with them unless they are licensed. A licensed plumber is the one who has the necessary training and experience to offer residential plumbing services.

Check the professionalism

Never work with a problem who cannot demonstrate professionalism. This includes how they dress, communicate, and whether or not they understand your kitchen remodeling project.

A professional plumber will have his schedule and invoicing organized. Ask if the plumbing company is offering consultation services and schedule an appointment. The way they greet you, how they respect your time, and listen to your plan counts a lot.

Share your plan and let them talk. A good plumber won’t hesitate in giving you plumbing tips and better suggestions. If you are satisfied with their consultation, take the next steps then.

Check their price

Every home remodeling project has a budget and would this one. The plumber should be able to give you an accurate estimate of the services at the time of consultation. The rule is to always get a quote before hiring the plumber for the job.

At the time of getting estimates, always look into the factors involved in computing charges.  The plumber should be able to answer any questions you have.

Get quotes from 2 to 3 companies and work with the one that best understands your project’s needs, shows professionalism, and meets your budget.

Check the company’s insurance

Sometimes, things go wrong during the job. The plumber might end up damaging something. For reasons like these, it’s mandatory to work with a plumber who is insured. If the plumber or their company does not have insurance this means you will be paying for the damages out of pocket.

Look up for reviews

Never make the final decision without check the reviews of the company or plumber. The Internet has made it easier to find out how a company is performing and what customers have to say. One way of doing that is to check the social media pages of the company. Explore the review section and read all of them.

If you see plenty of customer complaints, don’t work with that company. On the other hand, if everything is positive, this means the company is shady. Chances are these reviews are paid. Ideally, settle for a company that has the most good and a few bad reviews, because nobody is perfect. Check the approach of that company in handling negative comments.

Don’t rely on social media pages alone. Check customer reviews on sites like Yelp or Trustpilot. This should give you a clear picture of the services of the company or plumber you are planning to hire.

Ask about background checks

For further assurance, you can always ask the plumbing company if they can provide background checks on their plumber. Some companies offering property maintenance services might accommodate this and some won’t.  At the very least, the company should be able to tell you about the license of their plumbers, experience, and qualifications.

Good companies understand that customers just want to be sure they are working with trustworthy and professional people. They might assure you in some form. Trust your gut and hire them if you are satisfied with their answer.

Summing up

Now that you have all the right plumbing tips UK for kitchen remodeling and a complete guide on how to find the right plumber for the job, use this information to your advantage for receiving the best services.

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